Frank Nitsche

Frank Nitsche

Natural Yogurt Paintings

Galeria Pedro Cera is proud to present the second exhibition of German artist Frank Nitsche at the gallery. Natural Yogurt Paintings introduces the latest series of works by the artist. Like the title of the exhibition, loosely inspired by the name of an electro-acoustic band, also the paintings of Frank Nitsche are tied to popular culture, to mass media and to infinite representations of the world that we find ourselves today.

Random in content and in nature, an imaginary archive of images, becomes a source of inspiration and of appropriation for the artist. Some images reach the canvas by choice, others by chance. Their bearing varies and transforms in time. What enters the canvas at one point classified as highly relevant, might in a split of a second be painted over, or disappear entirely under multiple layers of paint – under fragments of other images, the hierarchy and relevance of which, is in continuous flux. After all “the death of an image” today is only one click away (…)

It is our present day understanding, our polluting production and our addictive consumption of images, which in many ways determines the short life expectancy and the fleeting nature, which Frank Nitsche utilizes as a conceptual methodology in his paintings. What might therefore appear as a static surface of a canvas, is in fact, a mere moment in time, which depicts a passing appearance of a gradually transformed image that is deformed, reformed and transformed into (a temporary) anew. In fact, the paintings of Fran Nitsche are never on their own, but always part of a bigger picture, and as such, a variation of one another and of the context they create. They are variations of a performed graphic superficiality, which intrumentalizes a seemingly artificial and a synthetic appearance, and through visual archetypes, familiar to our collective unconscious, account on the present day image appearance, and its abrupt disappearance.

Frank Nitsche is one of the leading abstract painters of his generation in Germany. His work was featured in exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Art (London), Centre Pompidou (Paris), Tate Modern (London), Kunsthouse Bethanian (Berlin), National Art Museum (Beijing) Fankfurt Kunsthalle (Frankfurt), Townhouse (Zurich) or Kunstsammlung Neubrandenburg (Neubrandenburg), among other.

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