Oliver Laric

Oliver Laric


Exoskeleton, 2022
4K Video, 4’32’’

The video merges different layers of animation including scalable vector lines drawn in After Effects in collaboration with Leonardo Centeno, 3D stop-motion modelled frame by frame and rendered with Nikolaos G and pixel based illustrations by Pavlo Mychka. The soundtrack was composed by Ville Haimala.


Tree Etching (Beech Tree Volkspark Hasenheide Berlin), 2022
brass, aluminium

The visibility and perception of the etching depend on lighting conditions. Lines have been etched into brass panels at 91 different angles from vertical to horizontal. If for example, light comes from above, the horizontal lines will reflect more light than the vertical lines. The 3D model of the tree was generated by Alik Kadoum using photogrammetry. The tree was rendered with ambient occlusion and converted into angled lines using a custom script.


Sleeping Figure, 2022
granite powder, marble powder, resin, aluminium

In the 18th century the British art collector Henry Blundell altered a Roman copy of a Hellenistic Hermaphroditus ( child of Hermes and Aphrodite ). Blundell exclaimed that “ … by means of a little castration and cutting away the little brats, it became a sleeping Venus and as pleasing a figure as any in this collection.” A drawing in the Townley Collection (British Museum) shows the figure before Blundell’s drastic modifications. Blundell’s removal of the infants required some re-carving under the right armpit where new drapery is introduced. It’s possible that some other restorations may have occurred before Blundell’s purchase as is denoted by jagged lines that join the arms and left leg. ln 2021, 1 approached the National Museum Liverpool who thankfully allowed me to make a 3D scan. 1 worked with the digital sculptor Ran Manolov who reimagined the missing elements and Nacho Riesco who flattened the full volume into a bas relief. The digital file was 3D printed in SLA resin from which a silicone mould was cast. A blend of powdered marble and granite with resin was then cast from this mould. The raw scan from Liverpool and digitally restored version are accessible for download and free use via threedscans.com.

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