Yves Oppenheim

Yves Oppenheim

Galeria Pedro Cera is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition by the artist Yves Oppenheim at the gallery.

For this showing Yves Oppenheim has opted for an exhibition concept in which the presence of a mural painting is highlighted. Here, the result of the placing of three vertical paintings on a mural painting that is drawn out horizontally suggests an effect of alto-relievo, supported by the occasional chromatic convergence between the painting on the wall and the paintings hanging on it.

In some of the new paintings Oppenheim also creates the illusion of the three dimensional through the use of the superimposing of blocks, the separation of which is outlined by the use of black shading.

A feature common to all of the works is the use of a range of saturated colours, in some cases being markedly “Mediterranean”, in complex abstract compositions that refer to the discipline of collage.

Yves Oppenheim (Madagascar, 1948), lives and Works in Berlin. His work is present in several private and public collections, examples of which are the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, the Centre Pompidou and the Nimes Carré d’Art.

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