Some Things Happen All At Once

Mariele Neudecker

Some Things Happen All At Once, 2014

Neudecker’s interest in landscape and nature has been influenced by the artistic, philosophical, historical, and political dimensions of the Romantic Sublime, as represented by Northern European landscape painting of the 19th century. Paintings by Schinkel, Friedrich, Dahl, among others, have been a strong influence on Neudecker’s practice, the point of departure of which is the idea of reproducing an experience of a given reality through the means of depiction and simulation. While some of the artist’s earlier works are inspired or refer to actual paintings or photographs and, as such, become three-dimensional representations of an already perfected representation of reality, Neudecker’s more recent body of work rather engages with her direct experience of a chosen landscape and the limits of perception. The artist’s trips to the Arctic Greenland in 2012 have significantly influenced many of the artist’s more recent works, Some Things Happen All At Once, 2014, included.

Part of Neudecker’s tank series, the work depicts the Haley VI., the most southerly science research station operated by the British Antarctic Survey, located on the 150-meter thick floating Brunt Ice Shelf. The work engages with the direct experience of a chosen landscape and the limits of its perception. By capturing a three-dimensional simulacra of a given reality and “locking” it into a time capsule, in this case, a glass tank, Neudecker touches upon the principles and the threshold of temporary illusion, which determine the cognitive process, while examining, ideas of perfection, representation and our perception of this reality.

Solo exhibitions include Limerick City Gallery, Limerick; Ikon Gallery, Birmingham; Tate St Ives and Tate Britain, Kunstmuseum Trondheim, Norway, Zeppelin Museum, Germany; she has shown widely in international group exhibitions. In 2020 her work was part of Among the Trees exhibition at Hayward Gallery, London. Neudecker is Professor at Bath Spa University, Fellow for CERN’s Visiting Artists Program and is on the European Commission’s Science Hub’s advisory panel for their Joint Research Centre for Art and Science. Mariele Neudecker lives and works in Bristol, UK.